We're Stella

We deliver you the reports that you can't get from your PMS.

The data you need.

We have met with many people that use property management systems to run their business and all of them expressed the same frustration.

All your data is in the PMS but you still aren't able to answer important questions about your business.

Maybe you are investing a material amount of time and energy to create the reports that you need and you wish you could have that time back.

Or maybe you've considered building the expertise in BI internally but this is a costly distraction or requires expanding your team in a scarce labor market.

Or worst of all, your company is running without reliable information, and you've made guesses about what's happening.

We know it's a problem and we are proposing a new solution.

What if you were able to ask for a report in the way that you imagine it? Like just describe what you're hoping for in your own words. And then we'll provide it.

Sounds great, right?

We're not imagining the next great "report builder". We'd hate to build a complicated tool that just makes more work for you.

We believe in creating something a lot more magical, something conversational where you can just ask for what you want and then get it without having to take a course.

You describe a question about your business. We'll generate a report to help you answer that question and deliver it on the schedule that you want.

What kind of reporting can you expect?

Nothing is off limits at this time. However, we have discovered one area that seems to be underserved: renewals.

For example you might ask: "Are tenants rejecting renewal offers because we are increasing their rent too much, could we ensure more renewals at a different increase?"

And we would show your successful renewal rate by percent of rent increase. Then you could use this information to decide if your offers are causing tenants to move out.

Another area is utilities. You may be lying awake at night thinking: "Which of my properties have water leaks?"

And we could send you your top units and properties by usage. Then you could get ahead of potential damage by having a look for leaks at those properties.

What's next?

We want to hear about what concerns you. Where are the blind spots that cause uncertainty in your property management company?

Let us know

All about that data. No trouble.

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